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Roswell Junction brings in firepower to help deliver a best-in-class Food Hall

The Roswell Junction food hall concept is tapping into some of the best and brightest in the industry to ensure a best-in-class final product is delivered. Patrick Garza is leading the way on the food hall components as a consultant with specific expertise in Food Halls and has launched impressive concepts such as Legacy Hall in Plano TX. Colicchio Consulting is also on-board to lead the charge in locating and onboarding unique food and beverage options in over a dozen markets, including Knoxville, Omaha, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Miami, Selma NC and more. 

Recently featured in the Wall Street Journal article about the growth of Food Halls across the country and the evolution of the concept from purely urban areas to some suburban locations, the Roswell Junction food hall is seeking intriguing, unique chef inspired dining options to be featured at the Roswell Junction, as well as unique craft beer and cocktail options and engaging musical entertainment talent. 

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